Pneumatic Cylinders

We offer a complete range of Pneumatic Cylinders that include :


Standard Pneumatic Cylinders

Our standard range of pneumatic cylinders are available in Bore sizes ranging from 6mm diameter to 350mm diameter with strokes starting from 15mm to 1000mm long. These pneumatic cylinders are made of hard chrome plated heavy duty seamless tubes, C.I. end covers, hard chrome plated EN-8 piston rods and high quality neoprene/nitrile seals.

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ISO Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders are made as per ISO pneumatic cylinders 6431 standards. ISO Pneumatic Cylinders are available in Bore size starting from 32mm and with all types of ISO Pneumatic Cylinders mountings.


Special Construction Pneumatic Cylinders

These pneumatic cylinders, like our SPMs, are made as per client's requirement. Some examples of these pneumatic cylinders are: Magnetic Reed Switch-Type Position Sensing Pneumatic Cylinders, Hollow Shaft Cylinders, Stroke Adjustment Cylinders, Tandem Cylinders, Impact Cylinders, Continuously reciprocating Pneumatic Cylinders, Pneumatic Cylinders Special Construction Cylinders, Large Bore - 350 mm Cylinders etc.