Air Blowguns

Air Blowguns, Push Button Air Blowguns, Air Blowguns With Air Amplification Nozzles, Air Blowguns With Lever, Air Blowguns With Lever and 4" Long SS Nozzle.

Air Blowgun
Application of Air Blowguns :

For blowing off dirt, dust, oil etc. from shop floor, surfaces, machine working area, deep holes, crevices, geometric patterns, etc. and any hard to reach places. While a 3mm standard nozzle is part of the guns we can instead provide any of the Nozzles described in Nex Flow portion of this catalog ahead at an extra cost.

Construction of Air Blowguns :

Rugged construction, built to last. Air Blowguns are machined from solid Aluminium bar-stock with all other parts of Brass. Due to its ergonomic design the air blowguns easily fits in the palm of the operator's hand. Even continuous operation does not cause any fatigue to the operator.

Operating Condition of Air Blowguns :

Clean dry Air at 2Kg / Cm2 to 8Kg / Cm2

Material of construction of Air Blowguns :

Body : Bar Stock Aluminium.

Nozzle, Plunger and Nut : Brass

Seals and 'O' Ring : Nitrile Rubber ( Viton can be made availabe for special cases, at extra cost)