Air Knife

  • Air Blade™ Air Knife

  • Which to use Flat Jet Nozzles or Air Knives?

  • Bottle Cleaning

  • Plastic Glass Prior to Laminating with Plastic Sheet

  • Plastic Container Cleaning

  • Camera Lens Cooling Standard Air Blade™

  • Acid Agitation

  • Air Blade™ Ionizer in Packaging Operation

  • Excess Sugar Blow Off

  • Circuit Board Cleaning

  • Conveyor Cleaning

  • Standard Air Blade™

  • Water Blow Off From Vegetables

  • Engine Block Cleaning

  • Bumpers Cleaning (X-Stream™ Air Blade™ Ionizer)

  • Air Knife Rubber Sheet

    Air Wipes

  • Ring Blade™ Air Wipes

  • Pipe Cleaning (Air Wipe)

  • High Speed Wire Drying (1/2" Ring Blade™ Air Wipe)

    Air Amplifier

  • Air Amplifiers

  • PLCFC Application

  • Removing Mist from Machining Process

  • Cooling of Steel Ingots Adjustable Air Amplifier

  • Casting Cleaning

  • Air Amplifier for Boosting Vacuum System

  • Cooling Hot Spot (Air Amplifier)

  • Steam from Room (Air Amplifier)

    Air Jets/ Air Nozzles /Flat Jets

  • Air Jets

  • Air Nozzles

  • Which to use Flat Jet Nozzles or Air Knives?

  • Molding Machine Air Jet

  • Press Ram Cleaning Using Nozzles

  • Flat Jet Nozzles for Bottle cleaning

    Ring Vac™

  • Ring Vac™ Air Operated Conveyors

  • Moves Dried Peas Ring-Vac™

  • Plastic Pellet Loading

  • Metal Rod Convey

  • Ring Vac Suction Application

    Tool Cooler

  • Grinding Application Tool Cooling System

  • Lathe Machine Adjustable Spot Cooler

  • Paper Slitting Cutter Cooling

  • Panel cooler on cnc lathe panel

  • Machine Tool Cooler on Band Saw

  • Needle Cooling Sewing Machine

  • Drilling Operation Adjustable Spot Cooler


  • Mister Demo

  • Mist Machining system used for drilling on lathe

    Air Gun

  • Scrap Removal using Blowgun

    Compressed Air Filter / Moisture Seperator

  • Super Separator Maintenance Free Compressed Air Moisture Removal Filter

  • Liquid Super Separator (Animated Video)

  • Water Separator (Real Time Video)

    Vortex Tube

  • Frigid-X Vortex Tubes

  • Camera Housing Cooling (Vortex Tube)

  • Camera Lens Cooling Vortex Tube

  • Vortex Cooling for Vacuum Forming

  • Ultrasonic Welding Horn (Mini Vortex Tube)

    Panel Cooler

  • Panel Cooler

  • Cooling of Electrical & Electronics Panels

  • Silent X Stream™ Panel Cooler

    Reversible Drum Angel

  • Drum Angel Drum Pump

  • Drum Angel for Filling & Emptying Sump

  • Floor Cleaning (Reversible Drum Angel)

  • Drum Angel for Viscous Fluid Transfer

  • Drum Angel

  • Drum Angle for Filling & Emptying Sump

  • Floor Cleaning (Reversible Drum Angle)

    Stream Vac™ (Fume) Extractor

  • X-Stream™ Fume & Dust Removal System

  • Stream Vac™ (Fume) Extractor

  • Welding Fume Extraction

    Hand Vac

  • X-Stream™ Hand Vac Vacuum & Blow-Off Gun

  • Hand Vac (Move ball bearings)

  • Clean & Collect Dust & Dirt From Inside a Control Panel

    X-Stream™ Blind Hole Cleaning System

  • Blind Hole Cleaner

  • X-Stream™ Blind Hole Cleaning System

    Static Eliminators- (Ionizing Bar)

  • Static Elimination & Cleaning of Plastic Parts & Other Charged Materials

  • Fibrous Web Ionizing Bar

  • Ionizing Bar used on Plastic Straw Extrusion Machine New

  • Ion Beam Blaster

    Leak Detector System

  • Leak Detector System

    Straight Talk

  • Straight Talk about Compressed Air Blow-off