Mechanical Thermostat And Solenoid Valve Kit


Cabinet Panel Cooler Accessories are available with a standard two-way normally closed solenoid valve and thermostat kit Model 90015 (120V) or Model 90016 (240V). This limits the flow of air only when required. The thermostat is factory set at 95°F (35°C) and will normally hold +/- 2°F (1°C) inside the enclosure. It is rated 24V-240V, 50/60Hz. Ul recognized and CSA approved.

Thermostat And Solenoid Valve Kit

This kit comes complete with a solenoid valve, thermostat, and a resistor. The resistor is included should you encounter rapid temperature fluctuations in the control panel causing the solenoid to cycle on and off to quickly (chattering). The resistor is installed (if needed) across the leads of the thermostat and prevents chattering by dampening the thermo switch sensitivity.

Mechanical Thermostat And Solenoid Valve Kit

90015 Thermostat & Solenoid Valve Kit (90017+90020) ? 120V $237.00
90016 NEMA 4-4X Thermostat & Sol. Valve Kit (90017+90018) ? 120V $237.00
90016-316 NEMA 4-4X Therm. & Stainless Sol. Valve Kit (90017+90018-316) ? 120V $539.00

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