Ionizing Nozzles


The Ring Ionizer – Ionizing Nozzles are a highly effective the discharging and cleaning of surfaces in particular of non-conductive
materials. The Nozzles can also be mounted to a handgun if they need to be converted to manual use.

Ring Ionizer Model 17200 and Model 17203 (with Air Gun) This "mini"

version is particularly suited for the discharge of very small areas and components in confined work spaces. It is light, flexible and easy to handle, and its robust design makes this unit the Ionizer of choice for many discharge processes.

Ring Ionizer Model 17195 and Model 17196 (with Air Gun)

This ring Ionizer is light, robust and easy to handle with ergonometric design when used with an Air Gun.

Ring Ionizer Model 17194 and Model 17187 (with Air Gun)

The largest Nozzle, very heavy duty and robust for larger area applications.



When the application calls for a hand held static elimination device the ideal product is an Ionizing Air Gun. Important features should be ergonometric design, weight and flexibility. Cable should be fully shielded especially with anti-static guns to have adequate life expectency.

The Haug Ion Gun is ergonometrically designed, "repairable", and extremely powerful for applications where a flexible hand-held unit is required. Cable is lightweight, and fully shielded. This unique design consists of specific parts so that they can actually be repaired by replacing the damaged part, either by returning to Nex Flow or ordering the part and repairing it in the field. Due to the often rough handling ion guns receive in an industrial envinment, the Haug Ion Gun is an ideal choice against inferior and low quality, unrepairable products. The Ion Gun comes with fully shielded and flexible cable and the patented safety connector insuring the ultimate in safety and quality in the field.


Haug static bars all come with a patented connector to assure safety in operation and maintenance. Field repairable, it prevents a connection if the static bar is removed or attached while power is still on at the power supply.

Cable is FULLY SHIELDED unlike some manufacturers which claim shielding which may only be partial. This results in much longer life for Haug products.

REPAIRABLE POWER SUPPLIES – almost unheard of in the industry, Haug power supplies are repairable and come with a 2 year warranty.




Air Consomption


17200 20 mm (0.8 inches) RING IONIZER NOZZLE /w 6 feet (2 m) cable $598.00
17203 20 mm (0.8 inches) RING IONIZER NOZZLE /w 6 feet (2 m) cable with air gun $685.00
17195 32mm (1.3 inches) RING IONIZER NOZZLE /w 6 feet (2 m) cable $640.00
17196 32 mm (1.3 inches) RING IONIZER NOZZLE /w 6 feet (2 m) cable with air gun $798.00
17194 65 mm (2.5 inches) RING IONIZER NOZZLE /w 6 feet (2 m) cable $1,160.00
17187 65 mm (2.5 inches) RING IONIZER NOZZLE /w 6 feet (2 m) cabl with air gune $1,365.00

Prices are in USA dollars – ex works Cincinnati, OH, USA for orders in USA

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada for International orders.

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