Nex Flow™ Products Application Videos

Air Knife(15)
Air BladeTM Air Knife
Which to use
Flat Jet Nozzles
or Air Knives?
Bottle Cleaning
Plastic Glass Prior to Laminating with Plastic Sheet
Plastic Container
Camera Lens Cooling Standard Air Blade™
Acid Agitation
Air Blade™ Ionizer in Packaging Operation
Excess Sugar Blow Off
Circuit Board Cleaning
Conveyor Cleaning
Standard Air Blade™
Water Blow Off From Vegetables
Engine Block Cleaning
Bumpers Cleaning (X Stream™ Air Blade™ Ionizer)
Air Knife Rubber Sheet
Air Wipe (3)
Ring BladeTM Air Wipes
Pipe Cleaning (Air Wipe)
High Speed Wire Drying (1/2" Ring Blade™ Air Wipe)
Air Amplifier (9)
Air Amplifiers
PLCFC Application
Removing Mist from Machining Process
Cooling of Steel Ingots Adjustable Air Amplifier
Casting Cleaning
Air Amplifier for Boosting Vacuum System
Cooling Hot Spot (Air Amplifier)
Steam from Room (Air Amplifier)
Plastic Rubber Part Cleaning
Air Jets / Air Nozzles / Flat Jets (5)
Air Jets
Air Nozzles
Which to use
Flat Jet Nozzles
or Air Knives?
Molding Machine Air Jet
Press Ram Cleaning Using Nozzles
Flat Jet Nozzles for Bottle cleaning
Ring Vac™ (5)
Ring Vac™ Air Operated Conveyors
Moves Dried Peas Ring-Vac™
Plastic Pellet Loading
Metal Rod Convey
 Ring Vac Suction Application
Tool Cooler (7)
Grinding Application Tool Cooling System
Lathe Machine Adjustable Spot Cooler
Paper Slitting Cutter Cooling
Panel cooler on cnc lathe panel
Machine Tool Cooler on Band Saw
Needle Cooling Sewing Machine
Drilling Operation Adjustable Spot Cooler
Mister (2)
Mister Demo
Mist Machining system used for drilling on lathe
Air Gun (1)
Scrap Removal using Blowgun
Compressed Air Filter / Moisture Seperator (3)
Super Separator
Maintenance Free Compressed
Air Moisture Removal Filter
Liquid Super Separator
(Animated Video)
Water Separator
(Real Time Video)
Vortex Tube (5)
Frigid X Vortex Tubes
Camera Housing Cooling (Vortex Tube)
Camera Lens Cooling Vortex Tube
Vortex Cooling for Vacuum Forming
Ultrasonic Welding Horn (Mini Vortex Tube)
Panel Cooler (3)
Panel Cooler
Cooling of Electrical & Electronics Panels
Silent X Stream™ Panel Cooler
Reversible Drum Angel (5)
 Drum Angel Drum Pump
Drum Angel for Filling & Emptying Sump
Floor Cleaning (Reversible Drum Angel)
 Drum Angel for Viscous Fluid Transfer
 Drum Angel
Stream Vac™ (Fume) Extractor (3)
X-StreamTM Fume & Dust Removal System
Stream Vac™ (Fume) Extractor
Welding Fume Extraction
Hand Vac (3)
X-StreamTM Hand Vac Vacuum & Blow-Off Gun
Hand Vac (Move ball bearings)
Clean & Collect Dust & Dirt From Inside a Control Panel
X-Stream™ Blind Hole Cleaning System (2)
Blind Hole Cleaner
X-Stream™ Blind Hole Cleaning System
Static Eliminators- (Ionizing Bar) (4)
Static Elimination & Cleaning of Plastic Parts & Other Charged Materials
Fibrous Web Ionizing Bar
Ionizing Bar used on Plastic Straw Extrusion Machine New
Ion Beam Blaster
Leak Detector System (1)
Leak Detector System
Straight Talk (1)
Straight Talk about Compressed Air Blow-off